Pool Dangers

There's nothing like going for a swim on a hot summer day. Public pools are great recreation areas where families, friends and people who move in and cool off. However, these areas can be very dangerous if the proper security measures are not available. Lifeguards should be present rules should be published and brought into force, and the room should be well designed and well maintained.


Every year thousands of people die in unintentionalDrowning accidents. Often, external forces play a role in these tragic incidents. For this reason, even the experienced swimmers may be at risk of drowning if the following risk factors are involved:

Irresponsible behavior
Alcohol consumption
Lack of barriers between the deep and shallow ends of the pool
Lack of supervision
Existing disease, such as convulsions for example,

Overall, men are more likely to drown than women - not for lack of swimming experience, but rather totheir tendencies to behave recklessly when the ladies.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Pool sites are top locations for hazardous slip and fall accidents. Of course, these areas are often in the water, was covered were sprayed with the pool users. If poor drainage is present, are, when using smooth surfaces, or when the rules relating to safe pool behavior will not be defined and enforced, then swimmers and spectators alike are at risk of suffering from slip and fallAccidents.

Slip and fall problems are particularly dangerous because not only a victim and an impact analysis of injuries suffered, but he or she can fall into the water and drown, either to another country or unsuspecting swimmers. Must therefore, pool owners to take all necessary measures to prevent the top from slipping accidents occur.

Pool drain dangers

Although they may not recognize, poorly covered pool drains can pose a significant threat to unsuspecting placeSwimmer. These functions necessary to use an enormous amount of force to suck water through them for repatriation purposes. If they are not shielded by state-mandated and approved coverings, they are very serious injuries could, including:

Hair entrapment (drowning, injury)
Body entrapment (drowning, injury)
Evisceration / disembowelment

Young children, especially, are most at risk of suffering a devastating pool drain injury. It lacks the strength to pull themselvesare removed, they should be against a powerful suction drain.


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