What is considered a catastrophic injury?

A catastrophic injury is one that is devastating and usually permanent in nature, causing life-changing consequences. They have a strong influence on not only life but the lives of your family and friends. These types of injuries usually occur suddenly without warning. Injuries and conditions that apply to impairments of at least a vital physiological function, or permanent loss of earning capacity, as disastrous. These include injuries, such asnext.

Occasionally partial or complete amputation ·

· Brain Injuries

Lose sight

· Multiple fractures

· Severe burns

· Spinal cord

· Other neurological disorders

Injury causes major damage or catastrophic damage to one or more physical systems, including categories muscular, neurological and / or skeletal systems of the body.

Catastrophic injuries can result from careless human erroror other negligent, control, and / or intentional actions by the physician or service provider Heath or other person in a position of trust. You can also pass through the following types of incidents:

· Auto-pedestrian

· aviation accident attorney">aviation

· Big Rig

· Cars

· Construction

• Industrial Property

· Nautico and / or

· Labor.

Catastrophic nature of injuries can also be causedby:

· Attacks

· Batteries

· Civil rights violations

· Environmental Disasters

· Exposure to toxic substances and / or

· Defective Product.

Catastrophic injuries are more often than not altered permanently damage the life, the consequences of which you and your family must account for the rest of your life.

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