Less light, more road accidents

The End of daylight saving time increases the Road Hazards

By the end of daylight saving time period, an increase of about darkness comes time to peak hours when traffic is at a peak. The drivers are not used to the reduced visibility - and not for that matter, the pedestrian could seize the opportunities that the roads crossing when they should not. Cases of culpable homicide arising from car accidents is a strong possibility when all these elements in common.

NationalRoad Safety Foundation studies show that car accidents increase after the clocks one hours delayed noticed. Apart from the lack of visibility, the NRSF also noticed that the drivers commuting in the dark, sleep than usual.

"Drowsy driving is an increasingly important factor in road accidents. The risk, as the summer ends and we spend more time driving at night," says David Reich of NRSF. "Help Drowsy is as dangerous as drinking and driving."

Studies show that 60 percent ofUnited States, while driving motorists tired - too injury solicitors">personal injury and wrongful death cases. An estimate of CNN that pedestrians walking at dusk, after the passage of time are three times more likely to be hit by a car.

Obviously, the summer will not - be eliminated, and obvious, even if it would be even less hours of daylight with the approach of winter. Therefore, it is important for both drivers and pedestrians to be aware of,the increasing risk that creates more dark for all those involved - and avoid extra careful this time of year, motorbike and car accidents.

The NSRF also provides the warning signs of drowsy drivers, so they can avoid falling asleep at the wheel and causing traffic accidents. These include:

• difficulty, and rubbed his eyes, frequent blinking
• daydreaming or do not remember driving the last few miles
• Head of brandy, yawn
• Drifting from your lane,tailgating or hitting rumble strips

If you are with each of these signs, the NRSF recommends that you stop and take a break to have a caffeinated beverage or a snack or a nap. Of course, you should avoid drinking alcohol before driving them, as well as promotes sleepiness.

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